On Call…

On Broadway…
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(The picture in this post has nothing to do with anything other than I think it’s cool and I like it)

So I’ve been on call since Sunday night. Basically, this amounts to “house arrest” for me. I am working at home all week. I have to return pages within five minutes, and cannot be more than fifteen minutes away from a terminal – so basically, I can’t go anywhere.

However, I did get someone to cover for me for a couple hours tomorrow afternoon so that Rak and I can go see Snakes on a Plane. I figure the only time worth seeing that movie is on opening day, just for the crowd of people who will be attending. Otherwise, it’ll be much less fun.

I’ve been on and off the phone all day, since about 1 PM this afternoon dealing with an issue with a bunch of servers in Texas. Apparently around 2 am they all blew up due to some file changes – so we ended up having to rebuild the servers, and are now in the process of restoring them from tape. I think Carrie is annoyed that I’ve been on the phone and working all night. Good thing her sister came to visit tonight, so she has someone to occupy her attention.

The strangest thing about this whole issue is that looking at the logs from one of the affected servers, there’s a remote login to the server right around the time it all blew up. Nobody mentioned the name of the account on the calls I was on until around 4 pm. Then they said something about “well, then the a932324* account logged on”, and I said “WAIT A MINUTE. That’s MY account.”

The weirdest part is that at 2 am, not only was I sleeping, but my laptop wasn’t even powered on. Chances are there’s some weird batch file running somewhere as my account (which doesn’t make sense, since i changed my password about a week ago), or that my account was somehow compromised. Weird.

* – Not my real account name


~ by Matt Stratton on August 17, 2006.

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