Improv Overload

"The Wellingtons"
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

In addition to the Open Improv Jam-O-Rama thingerdoodle I’m going to on Sunday, I’ve been invited to “guest direct” the improv group Playmation for a while. That’s pretty cool.

Plus, in late September, and I will be teaching an “Improv 101” workshop as part of Yehoodi U at the Y8A party in New York.

Here’s what I wrote for myself as a bio:

Instructor Bio – Matt Stratton

Matt studied improvisation in Chicago at both the Players Workshop of the Second City, and Improv Olympic. He has studied under Geoffery Baer and TJ Shadowsky. Matt also directed the improvised feature film, Dancing With Gaia, and coaches local Chicago improv groups including The Flying Buttresses and Playmation.

Matt was the instructor of the 2005 Yehoodi U “Improv for Parties” workshop at Y7A. Matt’s improvisational philosophy is summarized as “live truthfully in an imaginary world.” Matt enjoys speaking about himself in the third person.

Matt is love.

Extra special bonus points to anyone who knows who I ripped off the last line from.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “Improv Overload”

  1. The divinely inspired Word of God?

  2. JaRule, “Pain is Love?”

    …why would I know that?

    We had a blast yesterday!!! We’re making you a Will Work For Sprecher t-shirt.


  3. This is awesome, I think its been like a month since I read any LJ so sorry I’m late with the congrats, but have fun with the class techaning 🙂 and performing 🙂

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