Collegiate Real World

Matt:I played in that place in band camp
Dallas: Ah… nice.
Matt: they even recorded it on cassette tape
Dallas: wow! Cassette tape!
Matt: plus, there’s a bar called the clybourn, where my friend steve threw up
Matt: and r&r’s, where we used to drink fishbowls full of everclear
Dallas: these are awesome stories.
Dallas: you should save them for parties.

~ by Matt Stratton on October 3, 2006.

5 Responses to “Collegiate Real World”

  1. I played at Krannert for band camp too! To this day, “Sweet Child of Mine” reminds me of bunking at FAR. Ahh the memories.

  2. I was all set to post “IMSA in the house!”, but then I realized that the band camp wasn’t called IMSA, that’s the Illinois Math and Science Academy, and I didn’t even go there.

    Random weirdness related to whatever the band camp was called – my buddy started dating this chick our senior year in high school (they both went to a different school than I did), and it turned out that before she moved to Naperville, she grew up in Iowa, and actually had been at band camp with me at U of I.

    Notice that I said that was random and weird, not interesting.

  3. Oh, and I left out the part of the IM when I couldn’t remember what Krannert was called, only that it was “some music building that started with a K”. I was also trying to remember the name of the pizza place near to Krannert that we liked to go to. I think it started with a T. Or a P. And it was Italian-sounding.

    Seriously, I’m dead sober right now.

  4. I recorded all the music for my student film at SC on cassette tape. w00t.

  5. Not that anyone will see that I posted this, but I just remembered that the pizza place was called “Timponi’s”.

    It is no longer there.

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