Way to go, Marathoners!

Kevin and Brian
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Carrie and I went down by Old St. Pat’s this morning to cheer for the people running the marathon. We were at the halfway point, so we heard “Living on a Prayer” a lot.

We saw everyone we were looking for – although both Heather and Brittany saw US, instead of the other way around. And I think that was too concentrated on his running and didn’t see us cheering him on. I know that Jason was surprised to see us on the sidelines.

(While I was writing this, the last group of our friends just crossed the finish line.)

The fastest person was Carrie’s friend Brittany, who finished in 3:48:49. Next was with 4:01:48. Heather was next, with a time of 4:18;10, and Punches finished just behind her at 4:25:52.

edged ahead of the pack at 5:55:58, and beat Kevin by one second, at 5:59:19.

Way to go, guys! That’s super impressive to finish. And congrats to Kevin for finishing his third marathon in a row!

The rest of my marathon pictures can be seen here.


~ by Matt Stratton on October 22, 2006.

One Response to “Way to go, Marathoners!”

  1. Thanks for coming out to cheer!

    It was a fun experience for Nora and I to run with Brian and Margaret. It was great to see them going through the ups and downs as the miles added up but always pushing forward to the finish line.

    Everyone did really great yesterday!


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