If you’re having trouble getting to Yehoodi, here’s why -somehow, they got their domain name snaked out from underneath them by Russian spammers.

I have already alerted Frankyboy – who, like me, wasn’t having any trouble getting to the site (since the snakeage happened this morning, systems like mine and Frank’s, which had accessed the site recently didn’t even have to go to DNS to look up the hostname, but people like and , who did not have current lookups on their computer, had to go out to DNS to get the IP, and voila! Spammer city.)

Rest assured that Frankyboy is working on the problem, so you don’t need to bug him and inform him that Yehoodi is down. Please pass this along to other Yehoodites so they don’t freak out and think that Yehoodi is selling discount pharmaceuticals instead of putting on Fram.

Update: Here’s how I explained the whole “why it works for some people and not others” to Atalanta –

When your computer wants to go to yehoodi, it has to find out what the network address of “” is. But generally, it doesn’t go look up that network address EVERY time it goes there; it remembers it if you’ve been there recently. So what happened is, the spammers snaked out from under them so that IF you ask for “” it gives you the network address of their pharm site. But if your computer doesn’t bother asking anyone for the network address, and just says “dude, I totally know where yehoodi is”, then you won’t get the spammer site.

Hope that clears things up a little bit.

Update 2: Here’s what it says on the frontpage of Yehoodi right now:

Possible Tech Issues on the Site
By Slick Rik[11:54 AM]
We have some weirdness going on with the series of tubes on the Internet and our website. We are looking into it and don’t anticipate much down time. But in the meanwhile, if you are unable to get to our site or experience other odd behavior, just hang tight. We’ll have it resolved shortly.

For any bug reports, send them along to and Thanks for your understanding.

~ by Matt Stratton on October 28, 2006.

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