Need help from swing DJs…

…or anyone else who might have some ideas.

I’m looking for a very good version of “Love” – not too fast, with maybe a couple of cool breaks, and not the “usual” versions. If any of you have any ideas, please let me know.

Also, I need an idea for a song to dance with my mom. Again, swing, hopefully with a good “mother/son” theme, and not too fast.

~ by Matt Stratton on January 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “Need help from swing DJs…”

  1. I don’t know any versions of L-O-V-E that are slow enough for a wedding dance unless it’s ECS (I assume that’s what you’re asking for).

    Some songs I like for “first dances”: At Long Last Love, Exactly like you, Hallelujia I Love Her (Him) So, Dance Me To The End Of Love, Have Love Will Travel, I Love Being Here With You, Solid as a Rock (also great for a wedding jam)

    Some suggestions for mom: Exactly Like You, I Love Being Here With You, Cheek to Cheek

    Whatever you do, don’t have Carrie dance with dad to “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” *shiver*

  2. Yeah, I guess that this is a little too fast to do in a wedding dress.

  3. Funny – Erik and I were going to dance our wedding dance to “LOVE” untill he realised a few days before the wedding it was too fast for him – we switched quickly to Nina’s “My baby just cares for me” which was very in keeping with his personality anyway….

    I danced to “Paper Moon” with my dad. The lyrics to me felt parent like – because if it wan’t for the love and support of my parents I’d never be here today, without my parents love nothing would be real.

    Good luck withe the hunt for songs!

  4. “60 minute man.”

    Yes, I’m 12.

  5. Huh huh huh
    Swifty said “deep linking”.

  6. You know who would be great for you to check with… Larry.

    He plays a lot of vocals when he DJs and has quite a few romantic tunes in his sets, or at least the last couple I recall. He might have some good ideas for you.

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