Stuff and junk

First of all, thanks to all of you (that means you,


) who provided excellent advice on wedding registries in my last post. That was pretty neat and helpful.

As far as the honeymoon goes, I think we’re going to ditch Costa Rica Experts. When I called them on their pricey proposal, the dude said “Oh, I didn’t know you wanted to spend $AMOUNT including airfare.” He then sent me another proposal which was less, but still over budget, and staying at less nice hotels. We compared it to the proposal we got from another travel agent, which was for the exact same trip, but upgraded rooms, and that one was even cheaper than CRE’s “improved” proposal. So I think that’s who we are going with.

I also set up a fare watch on for our flights – already I found one for only $414 each, which is great. It’s on Spirit Air, which Carrie is a little leery of, but we’ll see. We still have time, and maybe fares will go down even further. Considering I was expecting between $600-$700 each, that’s pretty good.

Our big challenge right now is the second half of the honeymoon – the first part we know. It will be in the Arenal area, and we’ll be staying at the Tabacón. The second half is the tricky part – we’ll either be at Hotel Si Como No in the Manuel Antonio area, or the Allegro Papagayo in Guanacaste. The first is a bit more of a rain foresty kind of thing (but with a beach nearby), while the second is an all-inclusive resort in a much hotter, drier climate on the beach. Price-wise they’re withing spitting distance of each other, so it’s a tough call.

In other news, on Saturday we will be joining a whole host of awesome swing dancing friends for the Swingers Ball out at the Willowbrook Ballroom. It’s total prom action – I’m wearing my tux, Carrie bought a new dress, and we’re joining up with a crew in a rented limo to get there. Fun!

~ by Matt Stratton on January 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stuff and junk”

  1. This might sound cheesey, but we registered at Target. And we did it online. We figured that we wanted gifts to be affordable for anyone that might want to send/ship them – especially his family down in Texas that couldn’t afford to fly up for the wedding. We also shop at Target. We like a lot of the basic stuff they have. Surprisingly, we got *a lot* of stuff from our list. 🙂

  2. i can not say ALL INCLUSIVE loud enough for you! i am telling you! last half of your trip, nothing but fun time!

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