Carrie roller skating

Carrie roller skating
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So far this has been a busy weekend. Friday night, Carrie and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to finish up our registry. Afterwards, we had dinner at Goose Island, which was pretty tasty. I was surprised that Carrie had never eaten there before; it brought back memories of several summers ago, when I was out of work and would go to Goose Island (the one on Clark, not the one by the B3) with Erika and chow on burgers during Cubs games.

Saturday was super busy. We met with the music director at the church to discuss our music for the wedding. It was a little bit of a whirlwind – apparently, the “meeting” was just for us to say “here’s exactly the songs that we want”, whereas we thought it was going to be a chance to get some help in deciding. Oh well. When we left, Carrie said “what just happened? I don’t even remember what songs we picked.” Hopefully, when he emails us the list this week we’ll decide that we like what we came up with – especially since he told us we couldn’t change it anymore, since he only discussed/met once with each couple.

Afterwards, we headed up to Northbrook Mall so Carrie could meet with her cousin to discuss bridal jewelery. While they did that, I wandered the mall, and successfully managed to not buy a new iPod, MacBook, or a Scooba. I did end up buying a candy bar, a pretzel, and some jeans and a sweater at Macy’s (on sale, whoohoo!).

After the mall, we headed home to let Scout out and to feed him, and then drove out to yet another mall (Yorktown) so Carrie could return the dresses that she didn’t wear to the Swingers Ball. We also visited the Rodgers and Holland and picked out our wedding bands (we didn’t buy them, as we are going to do that from my cousin who manages the R&H in Fox Valley).

We had dinner at Portillos, and then went to the Lombard Roller Rink to check it out in anticipation of Carrie’s birthday party in a few weeks.

I haven’t been to that rink (or roller skating in general, I think) since about 1985. But it didn’t seem to have changed a whole lot (although nobody had roller blades when I used to go there). We had a good time skating for a bit, but we are saving our roller skating energies for her birthday party in two weeks. I really hope people are willing to make the journey from the city – I know that it might seem lame to have a birthday party in the suburbs at a roller rink where you can’t drink, but I think people love Carrie enough to make the sacrifice.

Today, Carrie and I worked on designing our own wedding programs (the lady who is doing our invitations was going to charge us almost $400 to make them, and I think we just designed some that are pretty kickass and will be a LOT cheaper to make ourselves). Scout spent the morning playing with other dogs at Stay, and Carrie just went to pick him up and run some errands. When she gets home we are going to watch 8 Below.

We are the biggest nerds of all time.

Also, I don’t have to work tomorrow. Ha ha!

~ by Matt Stratton on February 18, 2007.

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  1. OK Number one you had dinner at Portillos, which makes me hate you. *G* I miss Portillos like woah.

    Number two… omg. I didn’t even know the Lombard Roller Rink was even still there! Such memories of that place, man! So glad you had fun!

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