Various and sundry

First of all, Cubs tickets go on sale in a little less than two hours. I’m trying to get some tickets for the Friday of the bachelor party, and for opening day. Here’s hoping that I don’t get jacked by the “virtual waiting room”!

Also, on the train this morning I started reading Innocent When You Dream – The Tom Waits Reader. So far I am LOVING it. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Waits, especially


Update – I was able to get four tickets for the April 20 game against St. Louis, which is for the bachelor party. Awesome. Here’s where our seats are:

Update #2 – I was able to get in again and bought four seats for Memorial Day for Carrie’s dad and his friends from out of town. I tried for the home opener, but they didn’t have two tickets together available. Sad.

Update #3 – I got one more pair of tickets for a night game in June vs. the Rockies (for Carrie and myself). Here’s where the seats are (row 11):

Update the Final
– My boss was never able to get into the system, but I was able to get in and bought some tickets for him. I also got in again and got four bleacher tickets to a Thursday afternoon game in July vs. the Giants.

~ by Matt Stratton on February 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Various and sundry”

  1. Ooh!! Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to get a copy!

  2. There’s a great transcript of him on some Australian talk show in 1979 – it’s hilarious, because the host totally doesn’t “get” him, and he takes him for such a ride.

    It’s almost like a real-life version of when he was on “Fernwood Tonight”.

  3. Thank God for YouTube…I was hoping to find it:

  4. Wow, this comes off totally different in print than in video. On video my impression Don Lane is completely different than in the transcript.

  5. How could you get in so many times? 😦

  6. Patience pays off, I finally got some. Yippee! We’re about a ten hour drive away, but this is the big year for the Cubs!!

    Hope you get to see a good game.

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