Listen to my cousin play his music-a-doodle

My cousin David (who is currently attending Oberlin) is some kind of magical violin genius. Anyway, I just got this email from my aunt, so if you dig on the stringy strings, you might want to check this out.

Through this coming Friday, you can hear David performing Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen via the Internet. There is a weekly Danish radio program called “Folk & Musik” that airs every Saturday morning, and you can always hear the latest broadcast at: by selecting ”Senest Folk & Musik” (under the section called “Lyt til P2” at the right).

This broadcast is from a concert of the finalist from a competition here in Denmark. The program today included half of the finalists – David is the second of the four to perform.

Besides David there is a 16 year old bassoonist (one of Daniel’s buddies from Tivoligard, and member of his newly started wind quintet), a 14-15 year old cellist (a friend of ours – his brother is a violinist and one of David’s good buddies – and they have an American father), and a 19-20 year old trumpetist.

I still cannot believe that David chose to play the Sarastate. When he performed for the actual competition a couple of hours before, he played something completely different (Carl Nielsen’s Violin Concerto – introduction only, because they were restricted to a short time) – and he had not performed the Sarasate since last summer. He used something like 2 x 20 minutes to try to get it pulled back to shape.

Anyway, if you’re interested, go to the program and scroll to around ¼ of the way through once it gets going. He comes on just after the bassoon finishes.

For the record, “Daniel” is my other cousin (David’s younger brother) who is also super musically talented.

~ by Matt Stratton on February 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Listen to my cousin play his music-a-doodle”

  1. Wow! Your cousin sounds amazing! That bassoonist isn’t bad either.

  2. Wow! Your cousin sounds amazing! That bassoonist isn’t bad either.

  3. Wow! Your cousin sounds amazing! That bassoonist isn’t bad either.

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