Creepy Real World

Trapper: bring a drink!
Matt:you got it, Toyota
Trapper: ?
Trapper: is this some interweb joke I am not in the loop on?
Matt: there was a toyota commercial from the early 80s*, I think, where they would say “you got it, Toyota”
Matt: and my mom says it all the time, and sadly, I apparently am turning into my mom
Trapper: i thought we are suppose to marry people like our mothers… not become them
Trapper: is carrie like your mom?
Matt: no, I don’t think they are similar. my mom has smaller hooters
Matt: (okay, that was just creepy)
Trapper: lol
Trapper: now the question is… are you going to RealWorld that.
Trapper: or should I?

* – Yes, I now realize it was a commercial from the 70s

~ by Matt Stratton on February 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Creepy Real World”

  1. I still pop out, “You got it, toyota” too,

    You are not alone

  2. My mom said that to us as kids.

  3. To be specific, the jingle went…

    “You asked for it; you got it. Toyota.”

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