OK, we’re retiring, for serious and for real this time

Jason and Matt
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

This is x-posted from Windyhop:

As of April 15, Jason and Matt will be officially, no kidding, we totally mean it this time, resigning from Windyhop. By “resigning”, we mean the whole enchilada. We will turn over ownership of the Windyhop server and hosting at that time, and also remove ourselves as admins of the site.

The question is, who will we turn it over to? In the past few years, several people have been working with Windyhop to keep it running. However, nobody has taken “ownership” of the site. We need a person (or organization) to step up and “claim” Windyhop. Whoever that is needs to be announced to us on April 15, at which time we will turn over the “keys to the kingdom”.

This forum is in place for all interested parties to discuss the direction, composition, and ownership of Windyhop after April 15. Please use this forum to “talk amongst yourselves”, and determine who will be taking the reins. Remember, not everyone needs to be an “owner” – maybe you are only interested in helping with the development of the software. Maybe you want to help admin the site on a day to day basis. Maybe you’re just willing to “own” Windyhop, but need other people to help with those things. There are all sorts of ways that this could work.

The important thing is that we need to turn Windyhop over to someone. That person or persons must be identified to us by April 15. If by that date there is no person or group to take over, we will be shutting down the site, and Windyhop will just go away. Of course, we don’t want that, but as of that date, Jason “Punches” Wyckoff and Matt “Mugsy” Stratton will no longer have any involvement with Windyhop.

This forum is also in place for people to ask questions about what it means to run Windyhop. Use this forum to ask any questions you may have of Punches or Mugsy regarding the specifics of Windyhop, what it takes to run it, etc. Additionally, this forum is the only mechanism that Punches or Mugsy will use to discuss this issue. Any questions or statements you may have for us must be posted in this forum. We will not discuss this via email, phone calls, or private messages. This is an issue that affects the entire Windyhop community, and as such, we feel it is very important that the conversations regarding it take place in an open, public forum.

We thank the entire swing community for the experience that we have had providing Windyhop to you. It has had a profound impact on both of our lives, and we will be forever appreciative of our time as your Windyhop admins and creators. But it is time to pass the torch and move on.

Jay and I have tried to “retire” several times in the past, and never with any success. This time, however, we mean it. If there’s nobody to turn it over to on April 15, we will literally be pulling the plug.

Also, the picture I posted is Jay dancing with me in my birthday jam in 2000.

~ by Matt Stratton on March 9, 2007.

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  1. And there is my butt.

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