All sorts of stuff

Brian and Tracy
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Been a busy few days. I assume we did something on Friday, but I can’t remember what it was. So we’ll skip that.

On Saturday, Stacey, [info]scrapplequeen, and Carrie hosted a baby shower for [info]tavist and [info]brian81773 at our house. It was fun. [info]swingdoc flew in with her son, Colin for it as well. We played games, and hung out on the balcony (since it was SO FRIGGIN’ NICE OUT OMG THE SUN ROXX0RS!!!!11!11ONEONEONE).

After the shower, [info]belcanto88 stopped by (she had to work during the day and missed the party) to chitchat with Kim and eat Thai carryout with us. Yum.

Yesterday we took Kim and Colin back to the airport, and picked up the house. Later on, Evin came over to give us a private dance lesson, and it was super duper helpful. We are going to have a rocking first dance, lemme tell you.

Also, let me tell you that it is supposed to be 68 degrees tomorrow, and I am on call, and can’t go anywhere, and CANNOT RIDE MY BIKE. That is teh suck.

~ by Matt Stratton on March 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “All sorts of stuff”

  1. That IS the suck!! Shannon brought his bike in almost two weeks ago to have the wheels replaced and “they’re still working on it”. Bastards. I say that because I have had a cranky husband grumping around for the past 4 days all thanks to them.


  2. i was walking to class this morning in 75 degree weather and sunny when this kid walked passed me wearing a cubs hat. i pretty much smiled the rest of the way to class. 🙂

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