OK, I’m bored with Vista.

It’s not very useful to me to even play with inside of a VM – mostly because I can’t get to Windows Update and stuff as long as I have it installed without a product key (30 day demo). And I’m not about to burn the license key for this installation in the VM.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until I feel comfortable enough to upgrade the laptop. Although I’m tempted to create a second partition and install Vista on that – in theory, that won’t prevent me from re-installing the same copy of Vista over the XP on this same laptop, right?

Now i just gotta go burn a copy of the GParted LiveCD!

~ by Matt Stratton on March 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “And…done”

  1. It may.

    XP requires you to activate the software, which passes long it’s serial to microsoft.

    Seeing the same serial / activation twice may yield some unplesant results – that is, unless Microsoft is now having Vista pass long your MAC Address along with the serial…in that case, you should be fine: both will match.

  2. Actually, with XP it passes along several bits of information, including your proc, the serial # on your HDD, etc (well, that is to say, it generates a hash based upon all sorts of hardware info), which is how it can tell that you installed on a separate machine.

    I know that certain things like RAM size will invalidate a Vista install – for instance, VMware recommends that you don’t activate Vista until you lock down the amount of RAM you allocate to the VM – because if you adjust the memory later, it will show up as a “new hardware configuration” for Vista.

    Pain in the ass. Way to go, Microsoft.

    I think I’ve decided to just install it in a VM, an activate it there. Since I have some fancy-pants hard drive encryption on my laptop, I can’t re-partition it. And I’m not going to install Vista on the same partition as I have XP. And I’m not going to upgrade over the image from work. So VM it is!

  3. Blah blah blah Microsoft sucks… blah blah 😉

    I never understood the whole “play” with an OS… they aren’t really that exciting… you do things with them…

    I’ve been using Vista for about 2 months now… and it is an OS that does things you need an OS to do… It is WAY better than XP in every way. It runs great and has all sorts of neat geeky features that XP doesn’t have.

    If you are a windows user, Vista is great. If you are a mac user, than it is unnecessary. If you are a Linux flavor user, again… unnecessary. They aren’t extensions of yourself… they are just OS’s. 🙂

  4. My reason for “playing” with Vista is purely a professional one. It’s going to be the best way for me to ramp up for Windows Server 2008. I want to start finding my way around it, figuring out its idiosyncrasies, etc. Don’t forget for all my Mac-loving, I still make my money by engineering and implementing solutions using Windows-based servers.

    And playing with it inside of VMware serves other purposes for me too 🙂

    I actually re-installed it with the product key in a VM, but turned off auto-activation, and am going to use the sneaky little trick to “reset” the activation, so I’ll get about 120 days worth of testing in the VM. At that point I might feel comfortable enough upgrading my work laptop (since I don’t get to see any of that cool Aero stuff using it inside of a VM).

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