My upgrade copy of Vista from Dell arrived today (since my work laptop was purchased in the last quarter of 2006, I was eligible for an upgrade DVD for the low low cost of ten bucks shipping). I’m not exactly ready to “ride the wire” and upgrade my work laptop (especially not during the week that I’m working at home since I’m on-call), so I’m installing it into a VM on my laptop.

I was pleasantly impressed with how quickly the installation process went…until I sat and stared at this screen for thirty minutes:

Then, after that, it launched this screen (which was the screen that it showed before it rebooted and hung out at the “preparing to start for the first time…” deal:

I guess the thing that annoys me is that I have NO IDEA what it’s doing. Of course, previous installations for Windows weren’t much better…how long did it take 98 to “install Start Menu Items”, anyway?

~ by Matt Stratton on March 14, 2007.

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