Fizzle, mah nozzle…

So last night, Carrie and I went out to Fizz for a meeting of the Old Sad Bastards Club, to celebrate Mertz’s birthday. It was super duper PACKED at Fizz – in addition to the usual suspects of the OSBC, Mike and Dana were there and even Matt and Andy. And

  even showed up – apparently Sammer Jammers was left at home with Brian (I’d put in his LJ icon, except I never remember his goofball LJ name, which is like “brian1387927OMGPONIES!!”). So that was pretty cool.

Carrie and I danced to “Love”, and when it was over, we walked back to the table to join

. The next song started up, and Carrie said “Oh wow, this is our song too!”

Somewhat incredulously, Erika said “What? THIS song??”

See, Carrie thought the song was “Fever”. In actuality, it was “Hit The Road, Jack”.


Carrie and I danced to a few more songs, and after that, suddenly Doug announced something about Windyhop, and about how the old owner of Windyhop was there, etc, etc, and since it was the first time Carrie and I had been out since being married, they had a jam for us. It was pretty cool. And right after that, we had the berfday jam for Mertza. Dave and I decided that it would be appropriate to recognize the ALH, so we headed to the bar to get some shots for Julee’s jam. Dave suggested we get her Jameson shots, but we quickly decided to get her lemon drops instead. I went in with a shot first, which she downed like a champ. Dave followed me with TWO shots, which freaked Mertz out at first, but one of the shots was for Dave.

It was a fun Fizz night. Yay dancies!


~ by Matt Stratton on June 26, 2007.

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