Good weekend

Weekend kicked off with Carrie and myself visiting US Cellular Field to watch the Chicago White Sox do battle with the Toronto Blue Jays. Carrie got us some tickets since it was a work outing, but for the last couple of innings our friend Amanda hooked us up with a couple of empty seats next to her godfather’s season tickets:

At US Cellular (by Matt Stratton)

Yes, it was the first row right behind the dugout. It was very Costanza:

GEORGE: She said first row! Right behind the dugout!
ELAINE: Well, it’s the second row. It’s just as good.
GEORGE: I was all primed for the first row; I was gonna put my feet up on the dugout!
ELAINE: Would you shut up? These are great! You can’t get any better than this.
GEORGE: Oh, there’s better, (pointing at the row in front of them) right there, that’s better.

Although we WOULD have been able to put our feet up on the dugout if we weren’t so scared of someone realizing we did not actually have tickets. The people next to us did it; they also put their bags and stuff up there. I was in mortal fear of being hit by something, but still it was friggin’ sweet. At one point Ozzie Guillen threw his gum up on top of the dugout, and some girl snagged it with her napkin. That was a little odd.

On Saturday we took Scout to the dog beach and then to Soggy Paws for a bath. Carrie spent the afternoon napping and I watched my new DVD of GI Joe – The Movie. We had dinner at a new Italian place in Lincoln Square, and then headed to the Davis to see The Simpsons.

Not a lot to say about that flick, besides that I was very pleasantly surprised – it was a lot better than I had thought it would be (since the last five or six seasons have been lacking), but since I’d heard a lot of the old writers were back, I guess I was not terribly surprised. Some of the plotlines seemed to be a revisit of episodes past (“You Only Move Twice”, “Brother from the Same Planet”, etc), but I was seriously laughing quite loudly quite often. This is a movie I recommend seeing with a packed crowd, as I think it will be funnier with a laughing feedback loop situation.

On Sunday, Carrie and I went for a long bike ride up to the Chicago Botanical Gardens. We drove up to Skokie and picked up the North Branch Trail at Old Orchard Road. The entire trip was about 21 miles, which translated into about 2 hours of riding. We had a really good time. I want to head up there again with the 350D, but Carrie took a bunch of fun shots with our Olympus point-and-shoot.

Self Portrait (by Daisy331)

This week I am working from home all week since I am on-call. Fun fun fun.

~ by Matt Stratton on July 30, 2007.

One Response to “Good weekend”

  1. THAT is an awesome pic of the two of you.

    Almost too cool for skool.

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