Stuff and nonsense

Time for some various and sundry updates.

The Pupperoni
Carrie and I are experiencing a Scout-less weekend, since he went Up North with Carrie’s sister Becky yesterday to visit the grandparents. He’ll be back on Monday. Our house is very quiet. Also, we finally got a full night’s sleep last night – since we’ve been having t-storms overnight the past few days, Scout has been a wreck and insisting on sleeping in our bed…ON TOP of us, no less. He’s kind of a freak.

We had a new contractor start with us on Monday. Since my team lead is on vacation for another week, I have been Acting Team Lead, which is less exciting then it sounds. Unfortunately, this has been a VERY slow week here at work, so I’ve had nothing to do. And since the first two days the new guy didn’t have a computer yet, he spent the entire day in my cube looking over my shoulder watching me “work”. So I got really behind in my blog reading.

I took some time off this summer from school (due to the wedding, honeymoon, etc), but on Monday I start up again. I only have one class this term, which is Environmental Science.

Money Talks
Now that the wedding is over, Carrie and I are starting to really sit down and put some plans in place to get ready to buy a house. We sat down the other night and worked through our budget and revised savings plan. So for the next few months (at least), we are buckling down on spending – so don’t be surprised if we suddenly become really boring people who don’t spend money on anything (as opposed to the “really boring people who spend money on lots of things” that we already were).

Fun and Games

Tomorrow, Carrie and I are driving down to Kankakee to go on a canoing day trip. Looks like the weather should be perfect for it. We’re also hoping to go Up North over Labor Day weekend – and of course, to celebrate Brian’s birthday with him in suburban style next Saturday.

So I guess that was not the most thrilling entry of all time. I’m really bored at work and the sandwich I had for lunch is making me sleepy.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stuff and nonsense”

  1. Our dog (Doc) is terrified of thunder storms… fortunately, since he’s a basset hound & we have hardwood floors, he can’t get enough traction to jump into bed with us… he still manages to keep us awake though by pacing and panting and drooling all over the place… good thing he’s so cute and makes us laugh a lot (when he’s not freaking out…)

  2. the sandwich I had for lunch is making me sleepy

    mine too!!!

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