Good ride this morning

My commute this morning was very good. Very quick and no issues with drivers or riders. It was pleasant! Average speed of 12.36 mph, which is a new record for me this year. It helped that I caught most of the lights and didn’t have to stop a lot.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 16, 2007.

12 Responses to “Good ride this morning”

  1. Been a member for over a year! I don’t post there much (I occasionally comment), except for that time that I got doored last year.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m still working my way up to bike commuter status. I’m still a little frightened of traffic and riding down/up steap hills which I have many of on my trip.

  3. Yeah, that’s the advantage of living here in Flatland…the only two “hills” I have to deal with are both bridges and they’re really not even hills…just slight changes in grade. They were super tough when I first started, now I barely notice them.

  4. Yay, I grew up riding my bike everywhere on Long Island and then we moved to NH and I never rode my bike anymore because we lived at the top of the hill. I think the hills are mostly mental for me, I know I can do them but I totally scare myself out of them. *sigh* Actually going downhill frightens me more then uphill. 😉

  5. dude, i’m such a slowpoke it’s unreal. i’ve never actually measured my speed, but i figure it takes me about 40 min. to go 5-6 mi (one-way time/distance on my commute), so i guess i’m around 11 mph? i need to get an odometer. but anyway. i almost always get passed (lately i’ve definitely been doing some passing though, so that’s cool). i totally agree, though — i like knowing who’s behind me, on the side of me, on the sidewalk, and pulling out of that driveway 100 ft. ahead. very aware of everything going on…

    sufficed to say, i am about at the point where i think i’d be very comfortable driving in the city. i haven’t driven since i moved here 7 yrs ago. just way too nervous (i’m from a fairly small town/small city w/ little to no street traffic). the multitude of things to watch out for at all times always freaked me out. nowadays, i wind around stopped vehicles in the bike lane while glancing in my “blind spot” and signaling my intentions, the whole time mindful of potholes, other riders, and oncoming traffic. without even really thinking about it.

    anyway. I LOVE MY BIKE. i obvs could talk about it all day. 🙂

  6. You probably go a little faster than that, because don’t forget that some of the time during that 40 minutes you’re not rolling…

    I never understand the folks who are flying super fast on their bikes on their way to work…why be in such a hurry to get to WORK? 🙂

  7. haha, RIGHT!? seriously.

    and i’m sorry, but i just cannot ever accept the “racer uniform”. unless you’re in some long-distance cross country race or something. i just cannot get behind the jersey/spandex thing. no. never. not in the commuter world. i don’t care if you’re in training. no.

  8. I will admit that I sometimes wear a jersey (it’s plain grey) or my green biking jacket while commuting, since I like to wear dryfit and I have to wear something over it or I look fat. And I do wear spandex shorts under my baggies, because, well, otherwise my junk tends to go on display (my shorts tend to ride up after a few miles) – and some of my spandex shorts are padded in the butt, which is nice. But generally speaking, when I’m on my bike I look like a dude wearing some shorts.

    I am all about the muted look, although I do like wearing my bright orange Chase t-shirt, just for visibility purposes.

  9. I guess what I’m getting at is that what I wear while biking is there for one of two reasons:

    1) comfort
    2) visibility

    None of it is “performance oriented”. There’s no point in me trying to reduce wind drag on my shorts when I’m riding around with a huge saddlebag (not to mention the huge weight of the rider!)

  10. haha, TOOL. just kidding. that dryfit shit is the BOMB.

    i have a pair of “real” spandex type shorts (w/ the pad and everything) that i wear under skirts. but lately i’ve taken to wearing my lacey under-girdle thingy, just b/c it DOESN’T have the weird padding (i don’t like it). plus it’s hot. not in the temperature kinda way, i mean. 😛

  11. That IS hot.


  12. I’m jealous. I have 12.5 miles one way, and mostly on bike path, but with the time it takes… shower etc. need to get home, rather ride with hubbn, it doesn’t make things convenient..

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