I know that some of you aren’t the biggest Piniella fans in the world, but still, this song is somewhat clever (not as good as the “Hey Deliliah” spoof though).

Under Sweet Lou Piniella

~ by Matt Stratton on September 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lou”

  1. As a Mariners fan I loved it! Good find.

  2. You can list this artist under things I’m not a fan of, too. (o; I’m not familiar with the original song, though – it could have been pro-Boston and it would still be lost on my ass.

    Did I mention today what a big doodie poop head Pinella is? He’s doing something right, though – the Cubs have been doing the kicking of the bootie lately! I’m glad you got to see some fantastic games this past week. For serious.

  3. This is WAY more my speed:

    I saw THE coolest nod to baseball a coupla years ago when I went to the Lyric during the playoffs to see The Magic Flute. All the little Papagenos/Papagenas in the Papageno/Papagena song danced across the stage and climbed a tree waving White Sox flags. By the end of the song the tree was all a-flutter with White Sox flags. It was hilarious!

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