So I recently (as in last week) got a GPS for my bicycle – a Garmin Edge 205. The desire was for a device that would make it easier for me to track my rides, and also to improve accuracy.

I took it for a spin yesterday, and really liked how it worked. However, my average speed was lower than I was used to seeing with my Cateye, so I started to wonder how accurate the Cateye was.

This morning, when I rode into work, I used both the Garmin and the Cateye, to see what the discrepancies were. Here were the results.

Distance: 7.05 miles

Distance: 7.17 miles

This, of course, results in the Cateye thinking I am going faster than I am. That was kind of a bummer to discover – that my average speed has been about 1 mph slower than I thought.

Oh well. If you want to see my rides, check them out below (I have f-locked this entry since you can obviously figure out where I live and work from this).

Columbus Day Ride on the North Channel Trail

Ride to Work This Morning


~ by Matt Stratton on October 9, 2007.

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  1. That is such a cool gizmo!!

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