Fancy-pants new TV

New TV
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Last week, Carrie and I bought a new TV, since the old one was just too huge. It’s a 42″ Panasonic plasma, and we’re really happy with it.

On Friday, we went shopping to find a stand for it (it was delivered on Thursday, and the only thing I had strong enough to hold it was my poker table – not exactly nice furniture). We started at the Target on Elston, but they didn’t have anything we liked. We then tried Harlem Furniture and Wickes, but they didn’t have anything either. Costco likewise turned up a bust, and so did K-Mart. We finally decided to take a look at the Target on Addison, on the whim that maybe they’d have different stock than the Target on Elston.

They did. We found a stand we loved. We bought it. I put it together on Friday night.

We are happy.

Also, our new bed was delivered this morning. We finally have a queen-sized bed. This makes sleeping with two people and one dog a lot more comfy.

Incidentally, if you know anyone in the Chicago area who wants a nice (but huge) Sony HDTV, point them towards my Craigslist ad.

~ by Matt Stratton on November 18, 2007.

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