Thanksgiving recap

As you know, Carrie and I had a “test run” of our Thanksgiving last weekend. Well, yesterday was the “real deal”. And it turned out pretty well.

Snow on the grills (by Matt Stratton)
As you can see, it’s quite chilly for Thanksgiving morning. Snow on the grill doesn’t bode well for outdoor Thanksgiving cooking.

Da Boid (by Matt Stratton)
This is the prepped turkey. It spent the night before soaked in brine, and then Carrie stuffed it with aromatics, and did a butter/olive oil rub under the skin.

It begins! (by Matt Stratton)
The turkey on the grill. Cooked using the indirect method, with apple wood chips added for smoky goodness.

The result! (by Matt Stratton)
About two and a half hours later, the final result. Nice and crispy skin.

Let's Eat! (by Matt Stratton)
Here’s the carved bird, using the “butcher method”. We barely had any leftovers.

The Table (by Matt Stratton)
Carrie’s lovely table.

Pies and cornbread souffle (by Matt Stratton)
Carrie’s homemade pies – Dutch Apple and Pumpkin

You can see the rest of the pictures here.

~ by Matt Stratton on November 23, 2007.

One Response to “Thanksgiving recap”

  1. very elegant! and that turkey looks tastay!

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