House Hunting Updates

House hunting continues…On Saturday we looked at eight houses in the Winfield, Wheaton, and Glen Ellyn on Saturday. Of the 8, there were only two that we are putting “on the list” for consideration. Our main contenders right now are the Blue House (Winfield), the Marion House (Wheaton), and the Park House (Glen Ellyn). With the exception of the Blue House, they all have drawbacks – the Marion House has two bedrooms on the second floor, but all the bathrooms are on the first floor (so the kids would have to go downstairs in the middle of the night ot use the bathroom). The Park House is amazing, but it is on a busy street and across the street from a school. The Park House also has the extra appeal that one of the bedrooms was already decorated for a young Cubs fan.

Of course, we are still all over the place with the searching. While I said above that we have three “main contenders”, that’s still kind of inaccurate – there are a lot of houses on our “list” with our realtor that we like. We haven’t yet found THE house yet (although the Blue House comes closest), and we’re still really torn on location.

Some other exciting news – thanks to

, on Thursday, Carrie and I are being interviewed for consideration on HGTV’s show My First Place. Basically, if they pick us, what happens is they follow us around with cameras while we look at houses and as we go through the buying process. So we’re excited about it.  So think positive thoughts for us on Thursday evening. And if you guys get HGTV, check out My First Place.

~ by Matt Stratton on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “House Hunting Updates”

  1. If you pick the Park House, can I crash in the Cubs room (till you have a kid to put there?)

  2. I wish my master bedroom looked like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the hubby was to see that he would want it
    Except he would want ivy on the walls and a giant Ryne Sandberg cut out in the room ( a little too creepy for me)

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