If you received an email from claiming “Matt is looking for you”, I cannot apologize enough. The bastards scraped my address book and sent those messages without my approval (I thought it was like LinkedIn, where it would load them and then let you opt-in to sending the messages).

If you did NOT receive any of these messages from me, consider yourself warned that clearly is a dangerous site (my cousin reported that he received an address book scraping Trojan from them before) and I warn against doing business with them or even visiting their site as they appear to be purveyors of malware and sketchy business practices.

I’m terribly embarrassed. I’m supposed to be savvier than this.

~ by Matt Stratton on April 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “”

  1. I actually got the email from Becky. At my work email.

  2. Yeah. That’s what started the whole thing. It’s very annoying and very embarrassing.

  3. Yuargh. I hate those kinds of things.

    Usually, when I receive any emails like that, I automatically figure that my poor friend has had that happen.

  4. yea i got it from dale and they broke into all my stuff. they did the same thing to him! so crappy! it got sent to all my ex-boyfriends and such, not good. sorry matt!!! ~becky

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