The Best

Best record in baseball.

Went to today’s game with my father-in-law. It was VERY cold (our seats are in the shade) and there were two REALLY annoying women sitting next to him that chattered about who-knows-what throughout the entire game. But other than that, it was a good time. Not the most technical of games to witness, and not the most exciting, but there were moments to wake you up. No idea why Fukodome is suddenly impatient and hacking away like his name is Soriano, but let’s hope it is a passing thing.

The month of June will be telling. I’m not talking about silly things like the “June Swoon”, but rather: if the Cubs can pull it together through June, that should silence the naysayers. Most of June is on the road for them, and it’s almost all interleague play. The wags on the ESPN message boards all seem to think that the only reason the Cubs are doing as well as they have been is that they are playing “too many games at home” and “against teams like the Pirates”. And that “any team in the AL could beat the Cubs”.

We’ll see where we stand one month from now.


~ by Matt Stratton on June 1, 2008.

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