So my flight home was originally supposed to leave Orlando at 3:50 PM.

We are now sitting on the runway and have been told that our next update on status will be at 6 PM. Not that we’ll be leaving at 6 PM…but next time we even hear anything. And even once we are wheels up, due to a reroute, our flight will be at least 40 minutes longer than normal.

I foolishly did not pick up any snacks at the airport, and even once we take off the only food that American has available will be a cookie, a small bag of nuts, or a small bag of chips…

…for $3 each.

This airline sucks. I know it’s not their fault we are delayed, but this food baloney is for the birds. Why even bother flying a more “premier” airline like American if the experience is sub-par.

I usually fly United and I like them a lot better. Sure, they charge you for food, but at least it’s more than just a stupid cookie.

~ by Matt Stratton on June 13, 2008.

One Response to “Grrrrr”

  1. They are all getting really sucky! Even United. One of them (United, or US Airways, or Continental…I can’t remember which) is going to start charging $2 for sodas! That better be a damn big soda!!

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