Long time…

So yeah, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything of content. Things are moving apace in our lives…we spent a few days over the holiday Up North, which was a lot of fun. I’ll get some pictures posted to Flickr one of these days.

Mostly I’ve just been focused on work (which has been a LOT) and our house searching. We are now narrowed down to two possible homes (although our realtor keeps finding new possibilities). The contenders are as follows:

The East House
This is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house in Winfield. It’s got a great finished basement, and the rooms are a good size. The master bath is great – double sink, soaking tub, and nice shower. Yard backs up to the forest preserve, and has a deck which will need some work. There’s also an above-ground pool in the backyard that we would want removed. It is just a little over a mile to the train station, and about 30 minutes drive for Carrie to work (in bad traffic). It’s pretty close to Carrie’s parents, and not very far from my folks.

What’s holding us back – Location. It’s further west than we’d like to be, and the neighborhood is kind of “eh”. The kitchen would need updating, and it’s not that big (but it has some possibilities). Needs some minor updates

The Pinebrook House
This is a 3 bedroom (more on that later), 1.5 bath house in Lombard. It’s in a psuedo-cul-de-sac with a large (but somewhat oddly shaped) backyard with a GIANT deck. It’s the epitome of “move-in ready”; lots of nice little upgrades. The basement is completely finished in a family room/playroom setup, with an additional bedroom (bringing the total to four), laundry area, and office. It’s a Lombard address but has Glen Ellyn schools. It’s a few miles from my parents, and not that far from Carrie’s folks.

What’s holding us back – 1.5 bathrooms and possibly the kitchen (it’s on the smaller side). This house is also listed a little higher than East.

So we have a lot of thinking to do. The East house is vacant and has been on the market for a long time, so we feel like we could get it for a good deal. The Pinebrook house has had a few price drops, but the owners still live there, so we don’t know how motivated they are – but it’s not necessarily priced out of our range.


~ by Matt Stratton on July 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Long time…”

  1. how possible/difficult would it be to make the half bath a full one… or add another full one? that bathroom part for me stuck out like the only sore thumb in what otherwise sounds pretty damn awesome.

  2. MY VOTE Pinebrook – not that my vote counts 😉 GOOD LUCK!

  3. Making the half bath a full one isn’t really possible. The upstairs bath (the full) could be made into a much larger bathroom by knocking out the closet in the master (and then building a new closet in the master). Theoretically, a full bath could be built in the basement, but that might not really be the best thing anyway.

  4. Pinebrook looks like a better situation. Over the years the idiosyncrasies of the house will be forgotten or improved upon, and the location will become a bigger and bigger deal, especially with Carrie’s commute.

    Plus the Pinebrook house is just cooler – it looks more unique and interesting on the outside AND inside, and that deck is just awesome. The East house may be more affordable, but it needs more work and seems more cookie cutter. And the location woes make it a house better equipped to serve your car than to serve you.

    That’s just my opinion though. I’m not even married so I have no reason to be offering it other than the fact that this is the Internet.

  5. The entire city of Winfield is kind of ‘eh.’ It’s always been a spit on the map between Wheaton and St. Charles—back when those places were spits on the map between Chicago and the quad cities.

    A few of my high school friends lived there. Lombard is at least a little more urban and a few Metra stops closer to downtown. The express trains get you into the city in about 25 minutes.

    If you redo the kitchen (well), you can expect a 200% ROI when you go to sell your house—i.e., spend $25g on the remodel and add 50g value to the house.

    That’s a pretty decent kitchen layout you already have and I’ve seen all sorts of cramped and otherwise scary stuff. It’s open to a dinette (and it looks like the living room as well?)

    As long as you keep the ‘Dream’ over the bed, it is the house for you.

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