Boom shaka laka BOOM BOOM

No Parking
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In case you didn’t notice, there was a big honkin’ storm last night. Carrie, Scout, and I actually ended up down in the basement for about 20 minutes when we heard the tornado sirens go off (especially when I read in the NWS alert that “the tornado” would be at Montrose Harbor at 8:20 PM). All in all, no big deal – we never lost power, got just a little dampness in the basement, and only one patio chair got blown over.

This weekend we went camping with Carrie’s friend Dawn and her husband. We went to Mirror Lake in Wisconsin, which is right next to the Dells. Camping was fun – although it was the first camping trip I’ve been on that included riding roller coasters.

On the house front…we had our inspection on Thursday, and it went really well. There was only one thing that we asked the sellers to fix, which was a safety issue with the electrical. We also found out today that the radon test showed high levels of radon, so we are going to ask them to remediate that as well. It will be interesting to see if they are willing to do so.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Boom shaka laka BOOM BOOM”

  1. Aieee!

    I hate bad weather – and I always hope that if we’re going to have it, that I’m at work (in a nice solid steel and concrete building, rather than the second floor of a timber-and-cinderblock construction apartment.

    Glad to hear everything passed!

  2. Raidon is a huge issue here in CO too – one of the main reasons E wanted a place with no bacement – it can vent out the crawlspace faster and easyer. Find out how much a vent system would cost if there are not willing to install one you should ask for that $ off the closing cost so you can have it done once you move in. 🙂 Best of luck!

  3. I read the title of your blog and started singing “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (not Was).

    Then I got to thinking, no that’s more like:

    Boom, boom, shaka laka laka boom;
    Boom, boom, shaka laka boom boom

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