Suburb woes

Someone remind me why we’re leaving the city…

I just looked into parking at the Lisle train station. There is a five to seven year waiting list to get a parking permit. If you do not have a parking permit, you can buy a daily permit – but they go on sale at 8 AM and no earlier. And you can only buy them for that day. You CAN buy a pass earlier in the day, but you can’t do that more than twice a week.

I called the Village to say “Um, what am I supposed to do if I have to work earlier than that?” And I was basically told “Well, you will need to have someone drop you off or take the PACE bus.”

The good news is, for the schedule I’ll be keeping, there’s a PACE bus stop that is literally yards away from our house. The bad part is we just pumped another $500 into the Civic, which we’ll probably never drive now.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “Suburb woes”

  1. oh quit your bi@$hing. the burbs are awesome.

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