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  • 07:29 Brr! I am sooo looking forward to going to Florida this weekend. #
  • 10:24 A day without meetings is like a day without sunshine – if sunshine kicked you in the knees, repeatedly. #
  • 10:25 RT @Scobleizer User data ownership on Facebook and why it doesn’t matter #
  • 11:48 Going to lunch at Augie’s with Fat Johnny and Juan…neither of whom are on Twitter so none of you care #
  • 12:07 RT @brianburch TIMEMag lists Top 25 Best Blogs: I think got unjustly passed over. #
  • 13:22 @Mistrtim Well, @brianburch does at least. #
  • 13:27 Anyone out there using Google Talk on Meebo that can help me test something? Trying to figure out why it’s wonky with @jfritsche #
  • 14:21 New blog post: Personal Updates #
  • 14:46 @ninjen Dogs rule. #
  • 14:55 @croppold If you’re seeing unicorns doing data entry in the cube next to yours, that’s not a hallucination. It’s just good business sense. #
  • 15:37 Spoiler alert for my BB Twitter client shoot-out this Thursday: Twibble=FAIL #
  • 15:51 @danciupuliga Twitterberry and TinyTwitter will both be featured in the shoot-out…check on Thursday to see who wins 🙂 #
  • 16:20 @croppold You need to call Unitemps. They are much better than Tempicorn International #
  • 16:30 Water main break has knocked out my train line. Great! #
  • 16:52 The only good thing about this train fiasco? We’ll probably have Chicks-N-Salsa for dinner! #
  • 17:33 For my BB client shoot-out I have Twitterberry, TinyTwitter, Twibble, and Blackbird. Am I missing any? #
  • 18:21 Does anyone know if it is realistic to ride a scooter from Ft. Lauderdale to South Beach? #
  • 18:27 Looking for a WordPress guru who can help me figure out how to map old comments in my blog to a user in the database. Ideas? #
  • 19:20 @ourmaninchicago What’s the "I" stand for in "FMIL"? F*ck My Illinois Life? #
  • 20:45 @RCABob Randy thinks *everything* is "pitchy" #
  • 05:50 New blog post, and it’s Twitter-related (what a shock!) – #

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~ by Matt Stratton on February 18, 2009.

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