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  • 16:39 No idea how my flight is going to leave in 20 min if the plane isn’t even here yet. AA info sharing FAIL! #
  • 16:43 And…flight now delayed 20 min. Yay. #
  • 16:52 Flight is now 30 min delayed. AA is made of fail #
  • 17:00 Hey, look, the plane is here. Maybe we’ll get to board sometime this week. #
  • 17:01 Oh, wait – that’s the plane for the (also delayed) Atlanta flight. Blech. #
  • 17:05 Aha! The plane for the KC flight is here. Finally. Let’s see if they let us get on it. #
  • 17:12 I need Twitter to entertain me while AA is annoying me, but you people are letting me down. #
  • 19:02 Touched down in KC! #
  • 19:03 @lilieblue Totall jealous of your awesome martini #
  • 19:06 @wilw You mean you were not at VH1 to tape "Crushered By Love"? #
  • 23:29 Just had martinis with Partytom. Now it’s time to pound beers with KC swing dancers. #

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~ by Matt Stratton on March 7, 2009.

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