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  • 09:38 @SheriTingle Depends on what you are searching for! #
  • 09:39 Garage sale quest was a bust. Could not find any yard tools – only people selling baby clothes and other kid stuff. FAIL! #
  • 10:04 At the French Market in Wheaton #
  • 10:12 @JinxCat I’m going to spend the day trying to whip my yard into shape! #
  • 14:29 – Teaching my niece about the wonder of Portillo’s #
  • 21:22 Had a totally suburban day – garage sales, yard work, and then lunch at Portillo’s. Suburbs FTW! #
  • 21:28 @sourwine I haven’t decided yet. The suburbs are new to me. #
  • 21:28 @Daethian No, our garage sale hunt was full of fail. Nobody had what I was looking for; it was all kids clothes! #
  • 21:57 I have to say – I’m not sure I’m even going to wear a Cubs hat to the game in Milwaukee tomorrow. I’m so embarrassed. #
  • 00:39 My Google Reader unread items is, currently, exactly 1234. Which is, coincidentally, the same as the combination on my luggage. #
  • 00:41 RT @Styminator: ‘hawks win! It was ugly, but it counts!!! #

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~ by Matt Stratton on May 10, 2009.

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