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  • 07:22 RT @brianburch: Who are we supposed to protect marriage from? The Gays? Really? #MarkSanford #Jon&Kate #EliottSpitzer #
  • 07:24 @lizzy1e Newer than 0.26.x? #
  • 07:24 @WadeWegner bdule looks nifty…will have to d/l it when I get to the office #
  • 08:25 @lizzy1e Ah. Yeah. 0.26 is when it started breaking badly for me. #
  • 08:46 @lizzy1e I find the "sync" columns feature (using TweetDeck account) to barely work, and I keep "losing" people out of my columns. #
  • 21:34 Today’s Project 365 photo isn’t my best one ever…what do you think? #
  • 21:36 @NAPPYTABS Loved loved LOVED the group routine tonight! Awesome job guys #sytycd #
  • 22:03 I am feeling very twitterly disconnected lately. I suppose that is what happens when I get busy. #
  • 22:12 @racheliza The airport is the easy part. CTA FTW! #
  • 22:26 Was it just me, or was Cat Deeley rocking the Farrah hair tonight? #sytycd #
  • 22:32 @JohnMilner Now it is offering to "merge" the groups with the server version. We’ll see what happens now that I’ve repopulated the groups… #
  • 22:34 Since Twitter is not providing me with entertainment tonight, I believe I will be responsible and go to bed at a reasonable hour. #
  • 23:09 @JinxCat Oh god no. Cat is the host; you’re thinking of Mary Murphy. #
  • 23:10 @JohnMilner I have no idea! I just removed the Tweetdeck account and re-added it…suddenly it offered to merge the groups. #

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~ by Matt Stratton on June 26, 2009.

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