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  • 12:51 @JenFloyd08 Sounds like a good plan! Let’s meet up after the keynote. #
  • 12:55 @JenFloyd08 If we’re smart we’ll pick a door 2 meet in front of outside the keynote. I’m near the front so it will take a while to get out. #
  • 15:27 At the #SPC217 session checking out the MS BI vision and strategy #spc09 #
  • 15:53 @jamievaron DM me your email address and I’ll send you a Wave invite! #
  • 16:02 RT @mrhodes: Developer Dashboard, fantastic feature – definitely will be helping 2 reduce dev vs infrastructure related homicides #SPC09 #
  • 17:08 @JenFloyd08 So basically, you’re trying ot get everyone drunk in about 20 minutes… #
  • 18:01 @surepoint Redefines the term "emergency call", eh? #
  • 18:09 Adorably Geeky Proposal: Super Mario World Edition #
  • 18:31 Going to go play some blackjack before the Rightpoint party at Mix #spc09 #
  • 20:36 Won another two hundo playing blackjack and now hanging at the RightPoint party #spc09 #
  • 02:49 I’m at XS – Encore (3131 las vegas, Las Vegas). #

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~ by Matt Stratton on October 20, 2009.

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