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  • 08:00 @droutlay I’m curious about the new tablet, but really just waiting to see what te changes are in iPhone OS 4.0. #
  • 08:06 RT @geekguide: McGraw-Hill CEO also says Vader is Luke’s dad and Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. /via @brianburch #
  • 13:03 @freeandflawed I dunno. Pretty much matches what I expected. It’s the iPhone in a bigger form that does some neat shit. *shrug* #
  • 13:35 So, um…no new iPhone OS? #
  • 13:49 @doniree Basically, it means the wifi you are connected to isn’t giving you an address…maybe you aren’t connected… #
  • 13:50 @LarryEisner Eh. Same story was told with the iPhone. I think that won’t be as big of a deal. #
  • 14:19 @kristabella Except Mac is the computer, and Apple is the company. It’s Apple’s iPad, not Mac’s. But still worth a chortle. #
  • 14:21 From @mteson re: #iPad: For me it’s not about what this device is now, it’s about what this device has the potential to be in a few years. #
  • 14:25 @kristabella Me too. Of the eleventy billion "Heh, Beavis, the Apple tablet sounds like a feminine product" jokes, that was the funniest one #
  • 14:27 .@zaneology If you RT it twice, do you get entered into a contest to have Apple release iPhone OS 4.0? #
  • 14:36 @racheliza Can I sit at your table? I’ll do your trig homework for you! #
  • 20:01 @totallyheather I agree w/ @theashes. But I heart @ActuallyNPH #
  • 20:41 RT @johncmayer: More people would watch the State of the Union Address if President Obama introduced a new gadget at the end. Just saying. #
  • 20:46 Obama: "Let’s clear a few things up." First, I was born in Hawaii. /via @ourmaninchicago #
  • 20:50 RT @rww Why We Need Tech Events for Women /via @writeonglass #
  • 21:16 The United States Congress is one very unattractive group of people. #SOTU /via @jenniferalaine #
  • 22:11 Joey looking all bad-ass and shit #
  • 22:14 Agreed. You’re not clever, people. RT @resawu: I wish Twitter had a *warn* button. like AIM circa 1990s. no more iPad jokes, PLZKTHX. #
  • 22:32 @ashalahblogs Do you have a topic in mind? #
  • 23:04 @lilyealferez The first eleventy-billion times, maybe…:) #
  • 23:04 @racheliza Skype needs to develop some kind of plugin for that. #
  • 23:25 @mitchsurp Try this – #

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~ by Matt Stratton on January 28, 2010.

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