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  • 09:18 Me = overwhelmed. Blog = neglected. #
  • 09:19 RT @OakParkGirl: All the people crying end of the world over health care legislation should chill. Can YOU see into the future? I can’t… #
  • 09:19 @OakParkGirl A-freakin’-MEN #
  • 09:47 @OakParkGirl I think it applies on both sides, though. How the heck does anyone assume they know EXACTLY what will happen? #
  • 13:36 @doniree Dere vill ve dancing? In our nuclear wessels? #
  • 15:56 @OakParkGirl Hmm. My laptop is not updating LIveMesh from a shared folder for some reason…so I guess, yeah #
  • 17:07 She makes me ashamed to be American, regardless of political party. RT @todayspolitics: Palin’s latest health care lie #
  • 17:08 @elaineinspired Hard to tell from the iPhone browser…updated specs? #
  • 17:14 @jenniferalaine Define "spoken". Vox is totes overrated. #
  • 17:16 I’d be more excited about having the day off tomorrow if it wasn’t for such a sad reason. 😦 #
  • 17:29 @_quave My 35 year old cousin passed away suddenly last week. He is survived by his 3 year old son and his pregnant wife. 😦 #
  • 19:38 I’m at Alfie’s Inn (425 Roosevelt, Glen Ellyn). #

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~ by Matt Stratton on March 23, 2010.

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