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  • 11:18 @racheliza Best dog is the Sheltie, but they fail the shed test 🙂 I agree with @HerNewDeal though…mini-dach are awesome too! #
  • 11:19 @theashes 50mm prime. No question. Staple lens. Wide-angle kind of sucks on a crop sensor body. #
  • 11:23 @jenniferalaine Word up. #
  • 14:02 @theashes Great "people" lens…also, generally fast lens (f/1.8 or faster) so good for lowlight and bokeh. #
  • 16:35 Great photo shoot today with @louisparks @jenniferalaine @bayjb @allieo & @localcelebrity. I couldn’t be more pleased w/ how it went. #
  • 20:48 My friend Lou’s shots from today’s photoshoot – (@jenniferalaine @localcelebrity @bayjb @allieo) #
  • 20:52 @Tastelikecrazy Control Panel | System | Advanced System Settings | Performance #
  • 20:54 @Tastelikecrazy No, control panel | system #
  • 20:58 @Tastelikecrazy I made a quick video on how to do it #
  • 21:13 @Tastelikecrazy I usually find the system managed setting works well, but if you want to set it yourself, I’d say 1.5 x amount of RAM #
  • 21:19 This is my favorite photo that @louisparks got at today’s photoshoot #
  • 21:27 @bayjb @tankboy My wife has been watching it. It makes me weep for humanity. #
  • 21:33 While I wait for the rest to import, here’s a "behind the scenes" shot from today: #
  • 21:37 @phampants The perfect combination of hilarity and photo geekery #
  • 21:42 @curiousillusion If they have it…Fat Tire. Mmmm. #
  • 21:50 @freeandflawed If it makes you feel better, we totally talked about you today. In a good way 🙂 #
  • 21:56 @SydneyOwen Your eye excels at spying 🙂 (cc @allieo @localcelebrity) #
  • 21:57 @allieo It was that one or the one with @jenniferalaine in mid-dancemove. #
  • 22:05 @stateiamin We’ve used our Moby wrap all of three times so far. Luckily, it’s a loaner. We CAN fit both in there but it’s TIGHT. #
  • 23:00 iPhone: The Music Video #
  • 23:16 @jamielovely that is pretty awesome. Although I share my birthday with Tom Waits, and I think that’s awesomer 🙂 #
  • 23:42 @philoking And then run a Commodore 64 emulator on the linux installation #

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~ by Matt Stratton on March 28, 2010.

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