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  • 07:14 Clearly I haven’t worn my Cubs fleece since Opening Day last year, as I just discovered the 2009 magnetic schedule in the pocket. #
  • 07:15 Own a scale replica Star Wars Imperial Walker, created by Action-Squad. Bid now. Do it!: /via @brianburch #
  • 10:55 Visiting The Cloisters to see the Unicorn Tapestries & Tracy Chevalier’s "The Lady and the Unicorn" /via @StackedBlog #
  • 15:34 I just implemented a Facebook "Like" button on my blog. I suppose if I posted more regularly, it would get some use 🙂 #
  • 15:43 @brandonzeman Cool…wonder why it doesn’t show that you did…just me and @StackedBlog #
  • 20:45 What the Lost iPhone Case Could Mean for the Future of Media: #
  • 21:07 Chicago! What frackin’ channel is the Blackhawks game on? #
  • 21:09 @mawls Thanks! The U-Verse guide claimed CSN was the Cubs game, but obviously not 🙂 #
  • 21:11 @tmgrace Yah. U-Verse showed (in the guide) both CSN channels as the Cubs game…but I figured it out now 🙂 #

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~ by Matt Stratton on April 27, 2010.

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